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Karen Furr

Founder, CEO

 This is my Story

I grew up in a home of givers. 

My mom was a nurse, and my dad was a firefighter, and the selfless characteristics that go with those careers define their personalities to the core, even though they are both retired now. 

When I unexpectedly found myself in the tough position of being a single mom with a toddler and another baby on the way, I knew nursing would be the best career for me to choose so I could support my children. So, I worked hard and earned my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. 

I started my career as a nurse in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and loved it! But it only took a few years for me to start feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burned out. Since everyone else around me expressed the same feelings, I assumed this is just "part of the job" and tried to accept it. 

But then 2014 came, and my youngest daughter (9 years old at the time) was diagnosed with brain cancer. I quickly realized that I was already so emotionally, mentally, and physically "spent" from caring for other people's sick children in the last 8 years that I barely had anything left to give her. This desperation led me to research ways to help myself so that I could give my best to her and to my family. (Thankfully, she received excellent care and treatment, and is now 7 years in remission!)

But I just couldn't shake the feeling that "nursing" shouldn't be this way. I wanted to somehow make a difference and help nurses find better ways to deal with the stresses of the career. In 2019, I earned my Master's Degree in Nursing Education, and decided that I wanted to find a way to teach nurses how to thrive in their career.

And so The Resilient Nurse Project was born. 

My mission is to help nurses recognize, address, and overcome burnout and compassion fatigue. When COVID-19 happened, I realized that my message needed to be shared more than ever before. Someone needs to help "heal the healer," to advocate for nurses while they are so busy advocating for their patients, and that "someone" is ME! 




This is our Team

Karen Furr, MS, RN, CPN, VA-BC


Karen is a Registered Nurse with a master’s degree in nursing education. She has over 15 years of experience as a nurse, which includes work in vascular access, pediatric/neonatal/technology-dependent intensive care units, pediatric cardiac cath lab, and utilization and prior authorization review.

Karen has taught in the clinical practicum and classroom settings in both LPN and BSN programs.

Karen is committed to following in her mom’s footsteps and making a significant impact in her nursing career. She founded The Resilient Nurse Project in 2020 in order to fulfill her mission of helping nurses recognize, address and overcome burnout and compassion fatigue.


Shena Sabens, BA

Shena is an all-around AMAZING human being! She has professional experience in branding, business strategy, and media relations.

Shena is THE MOST understanding and supportive person. She is a team player who is always looking for ways to draw someone's strengths. She has been described as "a pragmatic yet creative thinker and a genuine, friendly person."

When it comes to The Resilient Nurse Project, Shena is highly resourceful and can create the perfect atmosphere for any event! She knows how to make people feel special, and can find the best qualities in anyone she meets. When you meet Shena, you will walk away with a huge smile and warm heart!


Brian Furr, MBA

Brian has over 20 years of experience in the corporate setting, including technology and leadership.

Brian serves as a business professor for Lanier Technical College, and has been a guest lecturer for the Cobb County Police Academy where he trains new recruits in the essentials of leadership.

When it comes to The Resilient Nurse Project, Brian provides insight on how improvement in staff resilience can positively impact a company's financial position.

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